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The Texas Divorce Process

Many married Texas residents who wish to end their married have questions about how the divorce process actually works. Under the law, the state must have jurisdiction to hear the case before it can be filed in the courts. Jurisdiction attaches if one or both spouses have lived in Texas for at least six months.


Texas Grandparents’ Rights and Court Rulings

According to a Supreme Court ruling, grandparents have no constitutional rights to visiting or seeing their grandchildren. This ruling is based upon a common belief that parents automatically have every right to decide what is in the best interest of their child, leaving arrangements regarding a grandparent’s ability to contact the child up to the parent.


Establishing Paternity in Texas

Establishing paternity in Texas has a few requirements that are unique to this state. A paternity action may arise because a parent must prove paternity before receiving child support or because a father wants to establish the legal relation between himself and the child.


Texas And Same-Sex Divorce

Texas residents may be aware that state law does not recognize same-sex marriages, including those that are entered into in other states. However, these laws raise interesting questions regarding what happens when same-sex couples who legally married in other states seek to have their union dissolved in Texas.

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International Travel After A Divorce

Readers in Texas may be interested in a recent article that discusses international travel with a child after divorce. The report suggests that parents who might be involved in contentious custody agreements may need to take extra precautions when allowing a former spouse to take a young child abroad.

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John Cleese Opens up about His Pricey Alimony Payments

November is diabetes awareness month and it reminded us of several clients we have represented over the years whose children were Type 1 diabetics and the unique issues that were involved in those cases. In fact, when you have a child with any type of chronic illness or disability, family law matters may be more complicated than a traditional support or custody agreement.


Kardashian and Odom List Home for Sale at $5.5 Million

Texas couples may be interested in the high-profile divorce of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian. When it comes to the proposed sale of their California mansion, their situation illustrates how an amicable division of assets can occur during divorce proceedings.

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The Benefits of A Prenuptial Agreement in Texas

Texas is a community property state. In community property states, all property owned by married parties is assumed to be the property of both people and will be divided in half upon the couple’s divorce. Parties may show that some of the property in question was acquired by only one of them before the marriage and was never mingled with the community property.

Rumors of Infidelity Fly on Both Sides of Tim Duncan Divorce

Divorce can bring tensions and emotions to the forefront, especially when there are allegations of infidelity. Disputes over property and assets in a high-asset divorce can cause rancor, although those disputes may be more easily resolved when there is a prenuptial agreement.

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