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Divorce and other family law proceedings that involve children can often be contentious. Our Austin child custody lawyer encourage parents to always put the needs of children first when involved in a divorce, child custody, child visitation, paternity or other contested family law matter.

Parents who are no longer together often have difficulties agreeing on the terms of custody of their children. When parents cannot agree on child custody and visitation arrangements, the court must step in and decide. Parents should be aware that their behavior may harm their chances when seeking partial or full custody of their children. Our experienced Austin child custody lawyers can guide you through the child custody process.

Determining Child Custody in Texas

The court’s primary concern in child custody matters is the best interest of the child. The court has great discretion when making custody determinations, but case law has laid out the specific factors judges should consider when making custody determinations in Texas, including:

  • The child’s wishes
  • The current and future emotional and physical needs of the child
  • Any current or future emotional and physical danger to the child
  • The parenting abilities of each parent
  • The programs available to assist each parent to promote the best interest of the child
  • The plans for the child by each parent
  • The stability of the proposed home
  • The acts or omissions of the parent which may indicate parental fitness, and any explanations for such acts or omissions

Custody battles are often contentious and can be complex because the court considers so many factors when making decisions in these cases. If you are having issues with child custody, consult an experienced child custody attorney in Austin, Texas who can advise you of your options.


Helping Your Family Work Through Child Custody

Through communication, mediation, collaborative law and other creative means of dispute resolution, our Austin child custody attorneys have helped many clients protect their parental rights, while resolving divorce and family law cases amicably. When disputes are not resolved by agreement, attorneys Jimmy Vaught, Erin Leake, and Jillian French have the trial experience necessary to act as powerful advocates in the courtroom.

We Advocate for Your Family

Jimmy Vaught — Board-Certified in Family Law and Civil Appellate Law By the Texas Board of Legal Specialization with decades of legal experience — and his associates Erin Leake and Jillian French represent a wide range of family law matters that affect parental rights and financial support for children, including: