Trustworthy, compassionate, sincere

When the unfortunate need arose for family law assistance, there was zero question for my family on where to turn. Jimmy and his team are the best there is…full stop. I’ll never forget sitting in Jimmy’s office and him saying to me, “You might think because I’m in this business that I want people to get a divorce. I don’t. I want your family to stay together. But if there is no way to turn this around, we’re going to protect your interests in a way that takes care of your son and is fair to everyone. I’m not in the business of fighting to keep all the property and make a bunch of money. I want what is right and fair for everyone.” Integrity and compassion are the hallmark of this team, and I owe them a debt I’ll never be able to repay. They are the advocates you need.

– J.A.

Quick, attentive, professional

Vaught Law Firm was quick, attentive, and very professional in handling my case. I can’t thank them enough!

– A.G.

Best Appeal Attorney

Mr. Vaught was recommended to me by my lawyer to work on an appeal. He stepped in and has been very diligent in my case. He has been so patient with me and helping me understand this complicated process. He is a very knowledgeable and he is such an amazing human being.

Professional, Knowledgeable, and Supportive

Jimmy Vaught and his Staff listened to my fears and concerns with compassion and understanding, while professionally guiding me through my divorce and quickly achieving the best possible result. Not only did he and his staff act professionally and discretely, they were kind and supportive during a stressful time. I would highly recommend the dedicated members of the Vaught Team to work with my family and friends in the future.

– K.G.

No other one for me

Jimmy Vaught made the by nature awful process of getting divorced so much more “doable”. His very professional demeanor and at the same time kind nature helped me tremendously: he patiently listened to all my questions, concerns, and doubts, and I had many, and confidently steered me To where I needed to be. I felt very protected and taken care of. I always felt welcomed whenever I interacted with him or his staff. I felt like I went to his law firm as a client and left as a loved family member. I would go to Jimmy Vaught again for any legal matter and I highly recommend him. You won’t get anyone better, more knowledgeable and more passionate about his work than him.


The Vaught Law Firm is amazing! Erin Leake really listened to my concerns and wants and fought for me and my daughter. Erin as well as the other office staff are very professional and will return calls or emails promptly. I would highly recommend this office and Erin in particular to anyone needing a great divorce and family law attorney!

– C.O.

Attorneys with integrity

Best Attorney in Texas. Smartest, kindest, has most integrity, dedicated to making the practice of law better and the best sense of humor.

– S.B.

Excellent mediation

Excellent work in mediation yesterday! I woke up this morning and was still happy with the outcome, so I know that means we did well!

– A.C.

Best Advocate

I strongly recommend Jimmy Vaught’s Law Firm to anyone going through a divorce. When I began the process with Jimmy and his team, I came to them with many concerns and complicated issues. Jimmy and his team handled every issue of my divorce thoroughly, seeing each one through. They made me feel confident that they were the best advocate I could have for my divorce process. They are welcoming and make you feel like your case is top priority.

– R.B.

Exemplary work

Thank you for all the exemplary work you and your staff provided and for all your professional courtesies towards me. Wishing you all the best, Jimmy.

– E.B.

Thank You!

Jimmy and staff were absolutely superior. I was able to breathe through my divorce, beginning to end, because of their kind, knowledgeable guidance and expertise. My paralegal, Candi, was superb, and Jimmy’s ability as a family law attorney is second to none. He led me through the divorce without costing me extraneous billing. I was most impressed by the efficiency of the process due to the firm’s diligence to get the job done expediently. However, Jimmy and staff never lost sight of the utmost importance to protect my children and the impact of every decision on my children. Jimmy is kind, extremely competent and worth every penny! Divorce is a horrible thing to go through but I highly recommend getting through it with the legal assistance of the Vaught Law Firm.

– A.C.