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What counts as income for child support?

Salary, wages, overtime, commissions, tips, bonuses, net rental income, self-employment income, interest, dividends and royalty income. Also, severance pay, retirement and pensions, income from trusts, annuities, social security benefits, capital gains, unemployment, disability and worker’s compensation, gifts, prizes, spousal maintenance and alimony.

What is excluded as income for child support?

What if I am incarcerated? Do I still have to pay child support?

I have one child and I have been getting 20% of the net resources from my ex. He had another baby and now my child support is half of 25%. How is that fair?

When is child support due?

I gave my ex cash for child support. Now she says she never got it. What can I do?

What is the best way to pay my child support to make sure there are no problems?

What happens if I miss a child support payment?

I just found out that I fathered a child that I was unaware of until now. Will I owe retroactive child support?

I am behind on my child support. What will happen?

When my child support was set, I was making a lot more money. Can I ask to have my child support lowered?

What is a material and substantial change in circumstances?

I owe so much child support that I am thinking of filing for bankruptcy. Will bankruptcy wipe out my arrears?