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When it comes to child custody in Texas, some men experience difficulty when it comes to receiving an equitable share of court-awarded time with their children.

As attorneys practicing exclusively in the field of family law, we understand the uphill battle fathers face during divorce or child custody proceedings. Keeping parental rights intact as a father is critically important to protect yourself and your children for the future. By standing up for what is right in the first place, you can avoid potential heartaches related to losing your rights as a father.

Expressing Fathers’ Rights in Texas

Almost all parents in Texas will be named Joint Managing Conservators of their child or children with equal rights and duties with the exception of the right to determine primary residence of the child and the right to receive child support. All other rights are either granted to the parties independently or may be subject to agreement of the other party. Although the right to determine the primary residence cannot be shared if a Court rules on conservatorship, the parties can agree for neither party to have that exclusive right if the parties live in the same geographic area. In any case, the court will generally require the child be subject to a geographic restriction so that both parties are allowed regular access to the child.

The term “fathers’ rights” sometimes automatically provokes an aggressive response. It is important to know that defending your parental rights as a dad does not mean the legal process itself will be combative. Each family law case is unique, and the nature of the case will depend on each party’s individual involvement and personality.

Resolving issues outside of court saves on legal fees and the time spent litigating a case. If possible, it is always recommended to come to a resolution outside of the courtroom. However, not every case can be resolved without the intervention of legal help. If you are unable to reach an acceptable agreement with your spouse, the Vaught Law Firm can step up and defend your rights in court. If your case involves parental rights, child support, property division, or any other family law issue, contact us today.

At the Vaught Law Firm in Austin, Texas, we are dedicated to resolving all issues associated with your divorce case. When it comes to representing fathers, our Austin Fathers Rights Lawyer are experienced in protecting parental rights, as well as many related family law matters, including: