Property and Asset Division

Dividing Marital Property in Texas

In Texas, property, assets, and debts are not automatically divided 50/50 — Texas law requires a just and equitable division of assets — when your marriage ends. The characterization of assets as community or separate property, the amount of assets involved and many other factors affect the final outcome of property division in a divorce. High-asset divorces are even more complex, as the nature and structure of the assets can complicate the valuation and division processes.

Comprehensive Strategies from Seasoned Family Law Advocates

If you have complex assets in a divorce, to be sure you are treated in an equitable manner, turn to the seasoned Austin property division attorneys at Vaught Law Firm. We serve clients in Austin and throughout Central Texas, providing them with the personal attention and honest legal advice they need to navigate through their divorces. Family law attorneys Jimmy Vaught, Erin Leake and Jillian French work collaboratively to create and execute effective asset and debt distribution plans for a wide variety of valuable property and assets.

Helping You Protect Valuable Assets During Divorce

When it comes time to divide valuable assets in a divorce, it is vital to have an experienced lawyer on your team. The attorneys at Vaught Law Firm help our firm’s high-asset divorce clients protect their interests, receive an equitable share of marital property, and to keep separate property from being awarded to their spouses.

Family law attorney Jimmy Vaught who is Board-Certified in Family Law and Civil Appellate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, with associates Erin Leake and Jillian French craft innovative divorce solutions for clients throughout Central Texas. We work closely with financial experts and forensic accountants to ensure property is equitably valued and classified before the division process takes place. Based on this information, our attorneys custom-tailor their representation to your exact circumstances and to your specific goals.

Types of Valuable Assets

Our Austin marital asset lawyers assist with high-asset property division issues of all kinds, including those that involve intrinsic value property such as:

Regardless of the exact assets involved, our experience in high net worth divorces allows us to serve as trusted guides and powerful advocates for business owners, professionals, executives and other high-asset individuals and their spouses.

We also take into account any necessary debt division, including:

  • Secured debt such as mortgages, equity lines of credit and other loans
  • Unsecured debt such as credit card debt and unsecured loans
  • Tax implications of asset division

When developing strategies to address these and all other aspects of debt and property division, we strive to minimize the harmful effects divorce has on you and your family.


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