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Texas Grandparents Rights

In some Texas families, grandparents may have grandchildren who live with them and who thus need to obtain a custody order from the court. In others, a child’s biological parent may be preventing a grandparent from seeing a grandchild with whom the grandparent has previously enjoyed a close relationship.

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How to Enforce a Court Order in Texas

Most family law cases in Texas have orders filed by the court. If one of the parties is not abiding by the order, the other party must bring it to the attention of the court. Most often, that is done by filing a Motion for Contempt or a Motion for Enforcement.

Understanding QDRO In Texas Divorces

Understanding QDRO In Texas Divorces

During divorce proceedings, retirement benefits may need to be divided. Only the retirement benefits that were accrued during marriage are available for division. For Texas divorces, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is necessary to divide retirement benefits.

How Will Divorces in Texas Be Affected By The New Tax Law

How Will Divorces in Texas Be Affected By The New Tax Law?

Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on December 20, 2017. As a result of this new law, married couples who are considering divorce need to be aware of the 2019 change regarding the deductibility of alimony. This is especially true for those who are considering as part of their divorce settlement agreement..


Who Gets the Wedding Ring in a Divorce in Texas

During divorce proceedings and the division of assets, a common question that comes up is who keeps the wedding ring. In the state of Texas, the engagement ring is a gift that is conditioned upon the acceptance of the proposal of marriage.

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