Legal Separation: Mick Fleetwood, Wife Go Their Own Way

Music fans in Austin, Texas, know Fleetwood Mac as one of the most popular and enduring classic rock bands. Rather than making headlines about a new album or tour, Mick Fleetwood, the band’s drummer, has made the news for his decision to separate from this wife of nearly two decades.

Reports surfaced that Fleetwood and his wife, Lynn Frankel Fleetwood, made the decision to file for legal separation. This is an arrangement that serves a similar function to divorce, but is not exactly the same. Through this process, married couples split up their lives in terms of finances, child custody, child support and alimony, but they are still considered to be legally married.

Already, the couple seems to be negotiating certain aspects of their split, including child custody and property division. Namely, Fleetwood seeks full control of his earnings made before marriage and music royalties, which are likely very valuable assets.

As far as the former couple’s twin daughters, Mick Fleetwood doesn’t intend to seek full physical custody, but would like to maintain legal custody. Living as a touring musician would likely make it difficult to maintain a physical custody arrangement. As such, he may seek a visitation schedule that fits the demands of his career.

Divorce may not be the best option for all married couples looking to part ways. In fact, some couples may legally separate before getting divorced, particularly if they think there might be a chance they will reconcile. Through this process, couples can see what life apart is like and then determine if they want to take steps to legally end their marriage.

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