Divorcees Auction Items Instead of Dividing Possessions

The process of dividing up possessions can be a difficult aspect in any divorce. Items that couples have shared for years can become a point of contention resulting in disagreements. Texas residents who have been through the divorce process may understand that deciding who gets what items can turn into a lengthy battle that some feel isn’t worth the effort. For this reason some couples are choosing to auction off their belongings and splitting the proceeds.

There are several reasons a couple might decide to auction off their belongings when going through a divorce. If they can’t decide how to divide up their possessions, an auction allows them to avoid the process altogether. If they don’t want a reminder of their previous lives together, an auction allows them to begin with a new slate.

An auction can include early, live and online bidding as well as a silent auction. Often, bidding will start at $0. The divorcees can bid against each other, and whoever puts the highest value on an object wins.

Typically, divorcees are encouraged to make a list of possessions, flip a coin and go down the line picking the items they want. In some situations, each party will put a value on everything in the house, average out the values, and make an agreed-upon price before dividing everything as evenly as possible. For others, an auction is the best option. Judges have been known to order a divorce auction for couples who can’t come to agreement.

The number of such auctions has grown as the divorce rate increases. Their popularity has also been attributed to auction reality shows, such as A&E’s “Storage Wars.” For Texas residents going through divorce, auctioning your possessions may be something to consider. If you are too attached to the china cabinet and the dining room table, your best bet is to contact an experienced family law attorney.

Source: The Times-Call, “Some divorcing couples auction everything off and divide the cash,” Aimee Heckel, April 28, 2012

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