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Military Divorce FAQ

When a party to a divorce is a servicemember, or married to a servicemember, there are additional considerations and several differences than when both parties are civilians.

What is the 10/10 Rule?

One of the largest misconceptions in military family law is that if you haven’t been married for 10 years then the non-servicemember is not entitled to any military retirement. This is not the case. The 10/10 rule means that the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) will pay a former spouse their portion of a military retirement award if the parties were married for at least 10 years during at least 10 years of military service.

What is considered an available resource on a Leave and Earnings Statement when calculating child support?

What benefits are available to the non-servicemember both during and post divorce?

One of the most discussed benefits is the Survivor Benefit Plan or SBP.

How will property be divided including military retirement, real estate, and vehicles?

What does possession look like during military duty?

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