Texas Domestic Partnership Agreements

When you are in a domestic partnership with your same-sex significant other in Texas, it is important for you to protect your rights in the event the relationship does not last. Unfortunately, in Texas, same-sex marriages are not recognized, although that may change if the U.S. Supreme Court rules on the issue. Planning ahead is thus important for people in the event a break-up occurs.

A domestic partnership agreement may help form a contractual basis upon which you may rely. Such agreements may outline the property division that will occur, who will be able to retain your apartment or house and other such matters. People may also want to include agreements regarding conservatorship and possession of children you may share.

The law regarding surrogacy and artificial insemination does not adequately reflect the advancements in technology in the area. When you share a child with your partner, it is important for you to understand the rights you will have in the event the two of you separate. Through the careful preparation of a domestic partnership agreement, you can help ensure that both yours and your partner’s interests and rights will be protected if your relationship ends.

The attorneys at our firm understand that people in same-sex domestic partnerships deserve the same legal protections currently afforded only to married couples. Unless the law in the state changes, it is important for people to proactively plan for situations that could occur if a break-up happens. To that end, we help our clients draft domestic partnership agreements. We also review agreements that have already been prepared to make certain our clients’ interests are protected before they sign them. We also help our clients understand the rights they might have for children shared with their partners. If you need more information, you may learn more on our same-sex partner page.

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