Rumors of Infidelity Fly on Both Sides of Tim Duncan Divorce

Divorce can bring tensions and emotions to the forefront, especially when there are allegations of infidelity. Disputes over property and assets in a high-asset divorce can cause rancor, although those disputes may be more easily resolved when there is a prenuptial agreement.

Recently, the divorce between San Antonio Spurs center Tim Duncan and his wife. Amy, has become fraught with discord. Although the couple agreed to postpone proceedings until the end of the NBA basketball season, new allegations by Duncan’s wife have generated headlines in tabloids and caused rumors about his sexuality to fly. Amy originally filed for divorce in March, but only recently brought forth allegations that Duncan had cheated on her with another man. It has been reported that Tim Duncan believed that his wife was also cheating on him, and had hired a private investigator to find proof.

Recently, Duncan signed a lucrative contract extension with the team that is worth $36 million. Before they were married, the couple had entered into a prenuptial agreement. Duncan’s lawyer has indicated that he intends to enforce the terms of that prenuptial agreement. The couple also has two children together.

Not every couple involved in a high-asset divorce will have a prenuptial agreement to guide the division of marital assets and property. In these cases, a person seeking a divorce may wish to consult an attorney who is experienced in family law and divorce.

When there are children from a dissolving marriage, custody, support and visitation agreements must be established. Seeking the advice of an attorney can help people who are going through a divorce to protect their rights and understand their legal options.

Source: Sports World News, “Tim Duncan Divorce Update: Does Allegedly Cheating Wife Believe Spurs Star Is Gay?” Glenn Minnis, July 12, 2013

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