How to Find Divorce Records in Texas

Divorce records in Texas are public, which means anyone can access them simply by following a few steps. These steps apply regardless of whether you want to access a public divorce record from home or in person.

What You Need

To access a Texas public divorce record you will need information such as:

  • the full name of the person
  • the date and place of divorce
  • the relationship with the person
  • the type of order
  • the reason for wanting the information

*Extra Tip: If you do not know the county in which the divorce decree was issued, you can contact the state office.

Access a Certified Copy at the District Clerk’s Office

Parties of the divorce can visit the Office of the District Clerk. Be aware that since certified copies of divorce decrees are only available in person, you will need to visit the district clerk in the county or district where the divorce was filed.

Visit the Texas Vital Statistics Unit Website for a Verification Letter

The Texas Vital Statistics Unit provides verification letters, but these letters are not considered to be a legal substitute for an actual divorce decree. Make sure you understand the intended use of the divorce decree. What is its intended use, and will a verification letter satisfy that need?

Visit the Texas Vital Statistics Unit, where staff will provide you with a letter verifying whether the divorce was legally recorded with the State of Texas based on the application for divorce filed by the county or district clerk.

Here, verification letters for divorce decrees are only available for divorces that were filed from 1968 to the present.

You can also search through indexes of divorce records sorted by year. These records may be purchased or downloaded for free from their easy-to-use website. Their website also allows you to request verifications of divorce decrees online or by mail.

Visit the Texas Vital Statistics Unit Website for a Verification Letter

In today’s digital age, a lot of information can be found from visiting various websites and archives simply by searching “Texas divorce records.” County websites in Texas provide access to all public records.

One website in particular, Texas Divorce Records, will allow you to search records using the names of the parties involved, but like the Vital Statistics Unit, it only contains data from 1968 to the present.

If you need assistance tracking down your divorce records, or discussing the terms of an upcoming divorce, contact the Vaught Law Firm for reliable family law counsel.

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