Actor Terrence Howard Requests Changes In Spousal Support

Texas residents who are fans of the actor Terrence Howard may be aware of recent problems in his personal life. Howard has asked a court to throw out an agreement that he would pay $325,000 to his ex-wife.

According to Howard, he cannot pay the agreement because he is already paying so much to his first wife and their children in support. Howard also claims that he was blackmailed and extorted to sign the agreement while knowing that it was more than he could afford.

Howard alleges that his first wife gets his entire income directly and then cuts him a check for $5,878 per month. They were married for 14 years and have three children, and two of the children are still under the age of 18.

In 2013, Howard agreed to pay $14,800 in legal fees to his latest ex-wife by July 2014 and to stay at least 300 yards from her. He had been accused of hitting and kicking her, and she had filed for a protective order.

Ideally, an individual who works with an attorney and is forthcoming about their financial situation can come to an agreement with a spouse regarding support. This may be done through negotiation with attorneys or through mediation. A case may also go to court if it cannot be settled in any other way. In Howard’s case, it is unclear why he did not disclose his final situation more fully at the time the agreement was made or what the alleged blackmail and extortion consisted of. However, if an individual has made a support agreement and has a material change in circumstances, it may be possible to return to court to renegotiate the agreement.

Source: Daily News, “Terrence Howard says he can’t afford spousal support for ex-wife, only makes $6,000 a month: report“, Zayda Rivera, July 28, 2014

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