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Texas Domestic Partnership Agreements

When you are in a domestic partnership with your same-sex significant other in Texas, it is important for you to protect your rights in the event the relationship does not last. Unfortunately, in Texas, same-sex marriages are not recognized, although that may change if the U.S. Supreme Court rules on the issue.


Texas And Same-Sex Divorce

Texas residents may be aware that state law does not recognize same-sex marriages, including those that are entered into in other states. However, these laws raise interesting questions regarding what happens when same-sex couples who legally married in other states seek to have their union dissolved in Texas.


Can A Sperm Donor Be Forced To Pay For Child Support?

The state of Texas has legal language that addresses whether men who donate sperm for the birth of a child can have parental rights or whether the donor will have to pay child support. In fact, since 2002, Texas and eight other states have included the following statement or one like it in their laws: “a donor is not a parent of a child conceived by means of assisted reproduction.”

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