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Five Questions to Ask When Hiring A Family Law Attorney

Considering a Divorce?

Marriage isn't always forever. Being human means that mistakes can be made, circumstances can change, people can grow distant, or life can just catch up with you. In the worst of these instances, the couples typically seek a divorce. A divorce is not only a distressing emotional burden, but it is a legal one, too. A marriage is a legal contract with implications governing property ownership and custody, among many other things, and when it comes to an end, family law attorneys in Austin are your best bet for sorting through all those important features effectively.

Because divorce involves annulling a legal contract, legal advice must be sought after by both parties. If you are considering or undergoing a divorce, chances are, you are feeling a whirlwind of emotions: everything about your life is going to change, and as a result, keeping your head during such a tumultuous time is not easy. However, you still need to be prudent and focused, where possible. Family law attorneys in Austin can help you maintain your focus when necessary—and keep the details in order when you can't.

Most likely, this is your first divorce, and you will have no idea where to start and what to do. The first step is to consult a family law attorney in Austin, and like anything else, you will want your representation to be as scrupulous, calculated, and concerned about your needs as possible.

With that in mind, finding a family law attorney in Austin that is a good fit is a matter of asking some key questions:

1. What Can a Family Law Attorney Do to Help Me?

This seems like an obvious and straightforward question, but there is a lot to consider. Divorce can be a drawn-out and complicated process, and you will want your attorney to be able to walk you through the steps as easily as possible. Look into your attorney's background; find how many years of experience he/she has as a family law attorney in Austin. Ask about prior cases and inquire about credentials. One attorney's approach is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and it may take some shopping around before you find the right fit.

2. What Are the Costs Involved?

Another seemingly obvious question, but some timid people may not be inclined to ask this upfront. Still, it is an essential question that is well worth having answered. Ask if there are upfront costs, or if there are any extra costs that can be incurred. Ask about retainers and by-the-hour billing. Ask about possible payment plans if you are not able to scrounge up the money up-front.

3. Am I Making A Reasonable Decision?

As mentioned above, divorce is a very emotion-driven decision that will impact the rest of your life in several ways: you may have to sell a co-habited house; you may have to determine a custody schedule for your children; you may even be considering whether you are too old to start over. Add to that the weight of hiring an attorney and going through a litigation process, and you are bound to be reeling from stress. This is where a level-headed attorney shines. Your family law attorney in Austin should be sensitive to your situation and should understand how overwhelming this can be for you. A good attorney will look over all the particulars of your case and let you know if you are making good decisions.

4. What Will My RoleBe in This?

A good family law attorney in Austin is a handy ally to have in your corner, but there are going to be things you will have to do if you wish to work as a team toward the most favorable outcome. Ask about what documents you will have to provide, be they bills, account statements, or marriage certificates.

5. Can You Provide A Timeline?

As with all things, time is of the essence in divorce proceedings, particularly if your attorney bills you by the hour. You will certainly want to know about how often, and promptly, your family law attorney in Austin will be in touch with you. Your attorney should be capable of returning calls or e-mails within twenty-four hours. Ask upfront if there is an estimate on the length of time your case will take. Some cases are more complicated than others, and if other attorneys or paralegals are involved, it can draw out an already-trying process.

Family Law Attorneys in Austin

If you are in the greater Austin area and are in need of legal advice or action on family matters (including divorce), Vaught Law Firm, P.C. is a reliable choice. They will take on complex cases and will treat your case with the sensitivity and attention it deserves. Family law is never easy, but Vaught Law Firm, P.C. will make your case as efficiently as possible, sparing you the hassle and guaranteeing peace of mind.

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