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What Does The ‘Morality Clause’ Mean For Texas Divorce Cases?

When a couple finalizes their divorce, the terms of their settlement are enforced by the state court system. This means that the parties involved in the split are legally obligated to abide by the terms of the property division, child custody and any other arrangements laid out by their split.

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Texas Woman Sought On Charges of Bigamy

When a couple marries, they usually expect the union to last forever. But for many couples, divorce is the best path out of a bad relationship. Infidelity, addiction and financial problems are often at the root of a marital split, and in some cases, spouses come to realize they don’t know each other nearly as well as they thought they did.


Unusual Prenuptial Agreement Hallmark Of Tiger Woods’ Remarriage

No matter how much in love a couple is when getting married, divorce is still a possibility at some point down the road. Prenuptial agreements are designed to protect the financial interests of both parties and sometimes even the children in cases in which money has been set aside for them in the event that a divorce becomes reality.

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Divorcees Auction Items Instead of Dividing Possessions

The process of dividing up possessions can be a difficult aspect in any divorce. Items that couples have shared for years can become a point of contention resulting in disagreements. Texas residents who have been through the divorce process may understand that deciding who gets what items can turn into a lengthy battle

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